Emergency Procedures

A Safe Environment

140 Broadway was designed to minimize the chance of life-threatening emergency, and to reduce damage in the event one does occur.

All alarms received from smoke detectors, sprinkler systems and manual pull stations cause an immediate localized response, and send a signal when warranted to the fire department. These devices also shut down air handling equipment to prevent the spread of smoke and fire. At the same time, elevators are returned automatically to the main lobby to await fire-fighters, and stairwell doors on re-entry floors only are unlocked electrically to facilitate relocation. All building mechanical and communications systems can be controlled from the Fire Command Station in the main lobby.

Due to the fire-resistant qualities of modern office high-rises, relocation is usually necessary only from the floor in alarm and the floors directly above and below, and alarms will ordinarily sound only on these floors. There is very little chance of a fire spreading in 140 Broadway, but it is essential that you be ready to do your part by becoming familiar with exit stairwells (Stairwell Map), manual pull stations, and fire extinguishers. Extinguishers are located within the B and C stairwells only on multi-tenant floors in addition to those located within tenant spaces. It is also very important that you participate in the fire drills that are conducted.