140 Broadway has partnered with our waste removal and recycling vendor to implement the most efficient recycling program available to office buildings. In order to ensure the highest recycling efficiency, tenants are requested to participate by following these guidelines:

  1. Each desk/office should have one desk side blue receptacle without a plastic liner. This should be used to discard paper items, i.e., white and colored paper, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, letterhead, junk mail, post-its, file folders, envelopes, paper bags and all dry paper items.

  2. Tenants should designate one or more central locations with a receptacle to collect recyclable bottles and cans.

  3. Tenants should designate one or more central locations to place a black bin for wet trash. Please deposit all non-recyclable trash such as, food waste, liquids, plastic, styrofoam items, wrappers, disposable utensils and soiled paper in this bin. Items placed in this bin will be considered garbage and will not be sorted for recyclable material.